Friday, December 23, 2011

a bit of gratitude

As usual my cup runneth over:

  • my Higher Power for being always there no matter what
  • my one real friend that never let's me down 
  • my online friends for their insight and wisdom
  • ten years of sobriety
  • health and well being
  • release from a stressful non-relationship
  • food and water
  • a warm camp
  • warm clothes
  • fresh air and sunshine
  • a creek to bathe in (brrrrrrr)
  • Dial soap for lathering in cold water
  • hot coffee
  • money in my pocket
  • my netbook
  • Linux and free software
  • Kindle and free ebooks
  • Google plus and facebook
  • my creative muse
  • everyone who bothers to read my drivel
  • all the wonderful blogs I read every day
  • all the employee's of the local McDonald's (merry Xmas Angelo)
  • the San Jose library system, its employee's and the free wifi (thank you)
  • life, freedom, and sobriety
Travel in peace, and happy holidays.

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