Thursday, December 29, 2011

hitchin' post: in the beginning

In the beginning there was desire. And from that everything followed.

I could go into all the events that led up to the point in my life where I found myself standing on the shoulder of a highway, thumb out, going somewhere. But that is neither here nor there. I would rather talk about the hitchin' itself.

At 53 years of age,  it is a reasonable guess that not too many folks would consider me a child. But standing beside that highway, cars flying past, sun shining down, I felt like a kid again. I smiled. I laughed. I did the watusi when no one was around. My heart was bright and my life was light as a feather. God, it's beautiful out there.

I had no money what-so-ever. A food stamp card with a final months worth of stamps -$200- was all there was to fall back on. Well, that and a faith in something more. That something you only encounter in tough spots, fox holes, giving up addictions, falling in love. That indefinable something that reaches out to bear you up, hold you close, and provide in ways miraculous.

My feet were shod in desert combat boots. Best boots I have ever owned. The pack was a well worn ALICE. Medium size. Steel frame suitable for sitting on for those extended spells of waiting for the next adventure to start. My roll was a combat poncho and liner. Not much, but it served. The rest of my gear was just as simple. Tools mostly. Multiplier, light sheath knife, folding saw. My roof when required would be a cheap brown tarp, and the stakes where aluminum gutter spikes.  A minimum of clothes, hygiene kit, and writing materials made up the rest. Oh, and lots of socks. I started out with a bottle of aspirin for my heart condition, but lost it somehow in South Carolina. I never found that I needed it though.

And so it began.

My final preparations have begun for a return to the road. Perhaps for a very long period of time. So, with that in mind, I have decided to relate the adventures from my previous time on the road. It was my intention to put this story together for an ebook. They are the in thing now ya know. Maybe I will anyway. But if it does not happen, then at least the posts that I will write here will be my record of something almost too much for mere words. I hope that my skill, such as it is, will be up to the task.

As life, especially mine, is well known for taking sudden unexpected turns, I want this stuff out there. I hope that the wonderful people I met in crossing and criss-crossing my country, will find there way to these words. My drivel may never do them the justice they deserve, but it is all that this poor nomad has to offer. That and my endless gratitude for the absolute best time I have ever experienced in my short spin on planet earth. I hope that you will find the stories as endlessly fascinating and entertaining to read as it was for me to experience them.

Travel in peace.

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