Friday, December 9, 2011

my gratitude list

I thought that for my own benefit, and perhaps for yours as well, that a weekly gratitude list would be a nice post to make. It does me good to reflect upon the people, places, and things that make my life better than it would be otherwise. Of course this list is personal to me, but I strongly encourage you to also start one, whether or not you make it public, because it is a great way of keeping one's perspective when times get a bit down and/or somewhat unbearable. It is good to remember that these moments will always pass and that all is not as bad as it could otherwise appear. So for this week I have the following list:
  • a Higher Power of some kind that is personal to me
  • at least one flesh and blood friend who has not betrayed my trust, stabbed me in the back, or broken my heart
  • all my Internet friends who daily inspire me with their wisdom, courage, and insights
  • a wonderful location to be living in at this moment
  • a warm and cozy camp
  • a warm sleeping bag
  • good health
  • plenty to eat and water to drink
  • money in my pocket
  • clean clothes
  • a creek to bathe in
  • each new day
  • the love in my heart
  • the joy and peace that nature gives me
  • my netbook
  • Linux and free software
  • my Kindle and free ebooks to read
  • life, freedom, and sobriety
Whew, that was a lot. But it could go on and on. I'm sure yours could too. Till next time:

Travel in peace.

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