Monday, December 12, 2011

run silent, run deep

The latest guest blog post on Leo Babauta's site Zen Habits written by The Minimalists has resonated deeply with me. Living a life with no goals, going with the flow each and every day, living contentedly and alive with passion, is the very thing that keeps me going each day.

I first encountered this phenomena while on the road exploring the western USA by hitchhiking. I had a general idea about the direction that I wanted to take and the basic route to get me there. But then I began encountering friendly advice from some of the kind folks that were picking me up. And I did something that was at the time very uncharacteristic of me, I listened and followed the advice trail. It was the best decision I could have made.

I ended up traveling a completely different way to the Pacific, and as a consequence, I met some of the greatest people ever to step onto the stage of my life, and had  the greatest of adventures that no amount of imagination could have dream't up. It became the default way of travel for me.

Combining this magical flow with my natural intuition and those flashes of insight that come in moments of need, and I have found a formula that works wonders even in rough going. It has helped me more than once to discover the good and detect the bad. I am grateful for that.

If life were all up and had no down then it would be even better, but unfortunately that has never been the case for me. Nor, I suspect has it been for you either. But out of all the ups and downs I have learned much much more than I could have possibly done by any other modus operandi. So, I guess that their can really be no absolute down in life, if you look at it in the right way.

At the present moment I have returned to a more solitary mode of living. Solitude has been my natural default way through life more often than not. In fact this period is part of a natural healing cycle in my life's flow. It is not a goal per se that I set for myself, that for such and such a length of time I will be a solitary individual, and after this set time I will be a social being once more. No, it does not work that way with me. It begins on its own and ends when it is finished.

I entered this period after a traumatic period of time that involved, of course, a woman, and the violation of the boundaries of proper conduct and descent behaviors by a third party. Which then became a bone of contention between me and this woman that I was interested in. I violated my intuition at first, which was constantly warning me about this lady and the other man. But having been alone for a good spell of time I chose to ignore the inner warnings. To make a long story short it all eventually ended very badly with a display of unskillful behavior on my part, something that now I must work out in this lifetime.

I relate all this not only to help myself heal but to demonstrate that following your own course and ignoring your inner voice will sooner rather than later lead to a bad ending. The living flow of your life will always be true to your inner most desires. It will take you where you would not naturally want to go, but where you are guaranteed to find exactly what you where looking for and more. Trust it.

Travel in peace.

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