Sunday, December 11, 2011

we are the purpose

Yesterday I read Niall Doherty's latest post. He was encouraging and uplifting as usual, but made the statement to the effect that life is pointless and then paraphrasing Viktor Frankl, that it is by giving life meaning that you make something of it. That has been rolling around in my mind for a while. I just can not agree. I have been on both sides of this premise. I have stepped from the false religiosity of our species, into the coldness of science and the monkey mind of philosophy, to the point of view that I hold today. We are the purpose of it all.

But before that becomes the crux of a debate revolving around egocentricity and the like, let me explain as best I can a subject that truly defies absolute defining because of the subtle nature of the truths involved. A good reference to any discussion of this kind is Charles Eisenstein's seminal work: The  Ascent of Humanity. In his book Eisenstein eloquently, and step by step takes you along the path of separation that man embarked on a millennium ago and continues trodding to our very detriment up to this day. The period of time we are going through in the unfolding history of our species can be given the label of "The Age of Separation". In fact that is exactly how the mind set of life having no meaning but the one we give it came about. When science and philosophy, and the worlds so called spiritual traditions collude to give voice to the idea that we are a separate and individuated self that has the base instinct for self survival as the sole outlook on life and that humanity is therefore a depraved and lazy species that must be reined in and disciplined in order to move beyond this basic outlook on life, then a person is left with no other choice than take the view that life is basically meaningless. It all began with some sort of big bang, followed by a primordial soup of some sort of disgusting slimy things that then began to evolve into what we see today without any real rhyme or reason beyond that of self survival.

That this neo-Darwinist philosophical assumption is being taught to our children in myriad ways, most of which are completely beneath the conscious radar of the individual, is it any wonder that such a state of mind should exist. But to be fair, I have to say that I have been blessed/cursed with a very personal insight that has given to me the point of view I now hold on to as a fact that will eventually become absolutely clear to every single man, woman, and child at some point in their life. You see, back on Tuesday, January 13th, 2004 I had a massive heart attack, and died. For a brief moment I was out of the mortal coil and free. And what I felt impressed upon me an astonishing revelation that completely over shadowed the fact that I was peering down on the room where my body lay.

Awareness, consciousness, call it what you will, language really fails to deliver a proper means for describing this state, for indeed that is a correct measure of the moment, and it is this that remains beyond the material body. The ego state falls completely away and only an awareness, an understanding, a sort of peace that "feels" wonderful without any thing that can properly be called feeling, is the environment that my "self" was in. Now some folks have had the ability to do all sorts of things while in this state but I did not. In fact I thought not. I just was. There was an awareness without the weight of thought and emotion, without the drag of logic and reason, without the veil of I, self, me. It was a freedom that can be experienced in moments sublime while in the world but I do not know if it could possibly be sustained without great work and efforts of a nature that I am not versed in. And this awareness "knew". It was self aware, though not in our egoistic way of knowing. Amazing.

You see, after much research I have come to some conclusions about this. The whole event has never let me go. Try as I might to walk away from this thing it will drag me back. And this is what I have learned. Evolution is real, but it does not happen without a purpose. There is a guideing principle that is intertwined so deftly with the material matrix that it can neither be dissected or seperated from its material mate except by the extinguishing of the life sustaining systems. And it is this marraige that is the source of that which we call life. And it is the driver of all evolution and the creator of all forms and the sustain-er of those forms, a formless form that is self aware and self sustaining and of which we are an inseperable part. We have purpose because we are. Within each of us is a personal creativity, even if that creativity is a birth defect that blesses parents with a task that they did not seek for themselves, and teaches selfless love, caring, and compassion. We are the purpose of life in all its abundance. We are to give it that expression that our form is uniquely capable of .

It is seperation from, and our war against, life itself that has perverted our understanding of this vital truth. And when the awareness of our true place and purpose finally manifests itself to us in whatever unique way that it will, then the scales will fall away from the eyes of the self and the beauty of our lives then becomes know to us, if not right away, then in its due course. There are many paths up the mountain, but the view from the top will always be the same.

So I do not disagree with my friends propositon to each of us: what are you going to do with your one life? That is so spot on. I just disagree with the premise that life is purposeless till you give it purpose. Perhaps it has escaped his notice that his life is overflowing with his natural purpose, it just simply awaits his astonished wonder at the discovery of it. His readers can already see it. Soon, he will too.

Travel in peace.

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