Saturday, January 14, 2012

gratitude post

As usual my cup runneth over. I am grateful for:

  • my Higher Power that always takes care of me
  • my one real friend who is always there for me
  • my internet friends for their wisdom and entertainment
  • my health
  • nature
  • a warm shelter
  • warm clothing
  • food and water
  • my netbook
  • Linux and free software
  • free and open culture
  • the internet
  • free wifi and those who provide it
  • my kindle and free ebooks
  • a creek to bathe in
  • money in my pocket
  • happiness and contentment
  • being at peace with life
  • having an open mind and a grateful attitude
  • learning new and better habits
  • a mind that still reaches out to grasp at new and different things
  • preparations for the road
  • all the people that take the time to read my drivel
  • life, freedom, and sobriety

Thanks for reading. May life be all you hope for.

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