Friday, January 6, 2012

weekly gratitude

I have been down this week with a virus, but never-the-less, I despair not, for recovery is now in sight.

As always I have much to be grateful for:
  • the Higher Power that watches over me
  • my one true friend that I can always count on
  • my internet friends who provide me with much wisdom and encouragement
  • having lived to see another year 
  • recovery from my sickness
  • a warm camp
  • warm and lasting clothes
  • food and water
  • a creek to bathe in
  • my netbook
  • Linux and free software
  • my Kindle and free books
  • free wifi and those who provide it
  • a mind that still wants to learn
  • an endless fascination with everything
  • a childlike curiosity
  • a true heart
  • life, freedom, and sobriety
Thanks to those who read my stuff. I hope your lives are blessed in every way.

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