My Story

The nomadic path that defines my life is a mix of extreme minimalism, radical travel, fringe living, and spiritual development. Like so many of my generation, arriving on the tail end of the hippie movement and the birth of a non-stop growth paradigm that is bearing its tragic fruit in the present moment, I had a head full of dreams that did not dove tail well with the ambitions of my family and friends. Those renegade notions took a back seat to numerous attempts at living the “good life” as defined by the status quo. But no matter how hard I tried, that hoped for success always eluded me. In fact, my life seemed to be going backwards, instead of forward to the material rewards that were the supposed gifts of hard work. Finally, after two failed marriages and alcoholism, I had a massive heart attack in 2004. For a long time following I lived with a deep depression that eventually reached a peak with the loss of my last job, and yet another divorce.

Unable to find employment, I decided to take a radically different approach. Why not capitalize on the situation and follow my old dreams. And without further thought I sold off or gave away all my remaining possessions. Then, at the tender age of 51, I stepped out to the roadside and stuck out my thumb. I had zero dollars in my pocket, and 200 dollars on a food stamp card. And that my friends, was it. It turned out to be the best damn thing I have ever done for myself. It was, literally, a life changing experience.

It is because of my positive encounters on the road that I am engaged in a labor of love to change my whole outlook, attitude, and modes of thinking and doing. Inspiration and guidance continuously flow in from numerous sources: blogs, books, Buddhist practitioners, secular sources, and individuals of all stripes. My goal is to become more compassionate and to do my best to pay it forward. I am also laboring to establish myself as an accomplished writer and published author. This has been a passion of mine since I read my very first book, something that still ranks as a favorite pastime.

This journal will be your portal into my life and the ongoing evolution of my mind, body, and soul. It will chronicle a journey that is in essence a path of deep personal healing.

To be continued.......